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My name is Jesse Morgan. I am a Software Engineer at I also backpack, sail, ski, and play with radios in the woods.

PGP Key: C663 9070 0831 1F3C

I was starting to implement microformats2 parsing in rust, and although it doesn't seem like it should be complicated, the spec sure feels complicated. I think I'm going to punt on it for a bit and build something to extract stats and tracks from Garmin FIT files instead...

Map of run

I came across a coyote in Renton Park again this morning. He ran ahead of me for a ways before darting off into the brush.

So it begins (at 08:30)

I know I'm a bit late on the bread making craze, but now that there's flour in the stores again I'm starting a sour dough starter.

Map of run

Dinner tonight: potato soup and fresh bread

Map of run
Map of tracks

I skipped running last week while the smoke was here. I think I might have, maybe, missed it.

I can see again!

Mechanic took a look at the outboard. Much to both our surprise, there was no trace of gear lube in the lower unit (and I'd believe it from the noises it was making). However, there was also no signs of water intrusion. We're both baffled. Parts alone would be $1500. Time to look for a new motor...

Friday Saturday Sunday

The progression of the smoke from Friday through Sunday (at ~14:00 each day). Visibility is less than a half mile given the landmarks I can't see anymore.

I'm trying to extract data from various silos in preparation for posting them here. This morning I looking for ways to download my run history from MapMyRun. MapMyRun has a feature to get a CSV of all workout summaries ( and it has a feature to download a TCX file for a single workout with GPS points, etc. However, there is no option to download everything all together.

The CSV has a link to the workout page for each workout, which includes the workout ID. The TCX download URL also takes a workout ID. If we put these together we can download everything in one go:

  1. Sign into MapMyRun, open the developer console, go to the network tab and reload the page.
  2. Right-click the page load request and Copy -> Copy as cURL. Stick this in a file called and replace the URL with $1. This gives us all the cookies we need to load the page.
  3. Run the script below to get a TCX file for each workout.

for ID in $(./|cut -d, -f17|tr -d "\r"|cut -d/ -f5); do
    echo $ID
    ./$ID/tcx > ${ID}.tcx

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