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My name is Jesse Morgan. I am a Software Engineer at I also backpack, sail, ski, and play with radios in the woods.

PGP Key: C663 9070 0831 1F3C

The other side was worse....

Another Saturday, another gutter

Gutter guard Gutter sludge

A previous owner of our new house improvised gutter guards from corrugated hose. It might not have been the best idea...

I migrated servers back in... November? and obviously haven't tried posting here since. The quill database wasn't configured and a bunch of filesystem permissions were set wrong. Oops.

Altocumulus standing lenticular

Skiing at White Pass for the first time in 10 years. With the capacity controls, it felt as busy as 10 years ago too.

I finally finished The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Based on where I found the bookmark, I had set it down almost finished years ago. This time, I started from the beginning on Sunday and finished by Wednesday.


Not a bad first attempt! Everyone says to bake it in a Dutch oven, but I didn't have one. Bottom is a little burnt, but it still tastes like sourdough.

I was starting to implement microformats2 parsing in rust, and although it doesn't seem like it should be complicated, the spec sure feels complicated. I think I'm going to punt on it for a bit and build something to extract stats and tracks from Garmin FIT files instead...

Map of run

I came across a coyote in Renton Park again this morning. He ran ahead of me for a ways before darting off into the brush.

So it begins (at 08:30)

I know I'm a bit late on the bread making craze, but now that there's flour in the stores again I'm starting a sour dough starter.

Map of run

Dinner tonight: potato soup and fresh bread

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