So, I spent quite a bit of time trying to get Podcast Producer running on our not-so-correctly-setup xserve. After getting podcast producer connected to Xgrid I thought everything should work. I fired up Podcast Capture and recorded a screen capture podcast. I pushed publish and watched it go into the Xgrid jobs list. Then I watched it stay in the Xgrid jobs list indefinitely while the lone Xgrid agent sat idle. I searched to no avail, then the project had to sit a while during the Sold Out Youth Conference and Easter services.

I started tackling Podcast Producer again today. With a bit of poking I found the last job message in Xgrid admin: "Art "0" returned score "0" for agent". Interesting. Sticking it in google lead me to the solution to my problem. After updating the UUID, Podcast Producer started working without a hitch. Now to see how it works in production.