09:30 - We're officially in the Strait of Juan De Fuca.

10:30 - Just east of Smith Island, we decided the wind had picked up enough to start sailing. We intended to move towards the east side of the traffic lane, and then pick a nice line WNW.

We never got a chance to head north. The wind died back down and boat traffic was picking up, so we decided to put the motor back in the water. However, when I put it in gear nothing happened. It almost felt as if the shift-lever was disconnected... Reverse? Yup, reverse worked. Forward? Nothing. Motor off. Motor on. Push harder. Switch faster. Switch slower. No forward gear. I inspected the linkage. Everything looks fine... Try again. Motor goes into gear. I had no plans to take it out of gear until we got to wherever we ended up going.

Flaky failures are definitely my least favorite failure mode. Flaky problems are hard to troubleshoot and ever harder to know if they're actually fixed.