Lake Sammamish from Anti-Aircraft Peak

Anti-Aircraft Peak again, 7 years later.

April 1st, I started Tuesday night hikes with a few friends after work. Only Craig made it for the first hike to Anti-Aircraft Peak.

We parked at 10TET66806465 (NAD27) and took Clay Pit Rd to Klondike Swamp Trail. The hike was pretty much flat until we turned onto Lost Beagle Trail where we gained 240 ft in 0.7 miles (according to the green trails map). We took the cut over to Tibbetts Marsh then went north to Shangri La Trail. From there it was a short walk to the view point. Coming back down we took Anti-Aircraft Ridge down instead of Lost Beagle and Klondike.

Dad's Jeep My Jeep

My dad got a new Jeep (the black one below) that had been built up for 4-wheeling but had never been taken off road. We took it down to Evan's Creek and ran through the 311 trail.

I've been to Evan's Creek twice and drove the 311 trail each time. There are several other trails (trail map), but it was starting to rain and I had no roof, so we headed home.

Photo Location: 10TES809987